Chris Nixon is a Perth based Australian artist who’s colourful illustrative style has seen him work creatively with clients such as Tame Impala and The Critical Slide Society. Chris finds his inspiration in classic surf culture and his work consistently bears a lovely hand crafted and natural energy. Chris enjoys working on large scale murals, his recent work which decorates the walls of the Ground floor here at Beach Road takes an retrospective illustrator style to capture the history of Bondi. We are so happy to have welcomed Chris into our space to create this hand painted historical work.


What has been your favourite creative project this year
so far?

I created a custom pair of skis with J skis out of Vermont
which was this radical haze of 80’s ski fashion and alpine vibes called ’The Shralper'. These will be out soon in a limited run.
I also painted up a basketball court for a new coffee roaster/cafe in Perth which was perfect to mark up the lines and dial in my shot.

Tell us a bit about the collaboration with Kat Parker and what those lines mean?

I’ve been a big fan of Kat’s work for a while - she captures atmosphere and moments so well which is something I’m chasing with my work - to create a tone to connect with so it felt like a perfect fit. It’s also been something I’ve wanted to try for a long time - integrating a painted treatment with photography so this was a great opportunity to create a custom central piece that ties the design together. The lines map an aerial view of the coastline of Bondi depicting swell lines as they wrap around the cliffs and into the bay.