Dion Horstman is a New Zealand born artist based in Bondi. His geometric and dynamic works reflect his energy as an artist and playfully interact with light and shade.

His trademark use of industrial materials like steel gives
his work a sense of strength and as a medium allows him to create energetic and eye catching sculptures. Dion has been working with us to bring new dimension and life to the Beach Road sign with his characteristically geometric style.


What draws you to steel as a medium for creation?

Where do I start, it’s super easy to work with, cut , weld grind...I’m able to work really quickly with it. Ilove the process, the heat, the sparks.

Where do you find yourself feeling most inspired?

In my studio, where I’m surrounded by my work. Creating is a journey…two steps forward, then reflecting and moving again. My studio is big enough to be able several projects / ideas running at once.